The Childhood Centre focus on children 0-6 years old who attend with parents/grandparents/caregivers, etc. The Childhood Centre offers a positive, interactive experience for parents and children. Play-based learning environments are provided where children learn skills in socialisation, communication, listening and problem-solving. Parents can get questions answered regarding their child’s development and receive referrals and get connected to other services if needed.

Kindergarten Readiness

This group is for children who will be entering school in September. Children learn skills in a play-based learning environment that encourages socialization, communication, literacy, listening and problem solving skills through play experiences. Staff will provide parents with resources to help with a smooth transition to school.

The Childhood Centre Checklist

Knowledge & Wisdom through...

• well researched and developed curriculum based on Eight Multiple Intelligence Theory and Reggio Emilia.
• interactive methods like Simulation based learning, Letter Land Phonics, Puppet Shows.
• focusing on enhancing life skills and developing emotional quotient.
• synchronizing with developmental milestones of the child.

Assessments of Development Graph through...

• Quarterly assessment.
• a procedure for reviewing children’s learning on the routine basis.
• documentation on child's behavior at the time of activities.

Happy Surrounding & Safe Atmosphere through...

• Football Turf, Visual Aided Classroom, CCTV Surveillance, Clean and pest-free classrooms.
• child-friendly games and toys

Parent's Involvement through...

• Parenting workshop and parent- teacher meets.
• Parents taking a session in the class as a teacher
• Theme based activities and games.

Nurturing through...

• Healthy child- teacher ratio.
• Responsible and well-trained staff.
• Continuous training to upgrade the skills of their staff